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Based on your requirements, we will create a homepage independent of the template.

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Quality of affordable design. We are doing our best with the responsibility.

  • Web standard publishing

    Design formats (PSD, JPG, GIF, etc.) to XHTML, Transform design into HTML5 markup language Hard-coding services to convert without

  • Mobile Web

    Of various devices on smartphones Provides mobile web publishing service optimized for various browsers

  • Responsive web

    Variable depending on screen width Flexible layout, flexible image, Layout expression with media query

  • Program &Maintenance

    • Optimized program creation User convenience and ERP program
    • User, Administrator Optimization Program
    • Digitals and other program errors
  • Print Services

    Catalogs, brochures. package, Flyers, all designs

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About Koisus Design

I wish the people I met in this world to be gifts to each other. ^^

It is a gathering of professional freelancers who have over 15 years of know-how.
Because freelancers are not based on web agency, they will be produced at a discounted price.

We will satisfy you with reasonable price, design and construction.
We will create creative ideas, creative designs and original designs with our best efforts to satisfy our customers.

We will help your brand marketing.
You can make a call 24 hours a day.
Please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day on weekends and public holidays.

Thank you.

I promise you

  • 01. We promise a sense of responsibility, kindness and integrity.
  • 02. We promise your satisfaction with our long know-how.
  • 03. We promise fast progress and results.
  • 04. I promise the price minus the bubble.
  • 05. I value your information.
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  1. 01. Please send me a mail or an online quotation or explain the concept and direction of your desired site by phone. We will give you a quote based on your concept.
  2. 02. I will deliver the contract if necessary. If you deposit 50% of the deposit, you will start the main design and design work. The cyanide process takes 3-4 days, and the cyanide process is carried out in three standard types and two advanced types.
  3. 03. We will reflect your opinion until you are satisfied with the amendment and dissatisfaction after reviewing it.
  4. 04. Works with HTML motion and subpage and other images with a well-designed design
  5. 05. Finish and other fixes to be supplemented and corrected Final finishing
  6. 06. Upon completion, we will send you data and manager information.
  7. 07. Maintenance free 1 year
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Maintenance service is required for these companies!

  • If it is difficult to maintain the website's professional management staff with the existing homepage
  • If you have difficulty communicating with the current management
  • If the website creator is closed
  • If you need to continue to manage your homepage
  • If you want comfortable and friendly consultation and precise job handling

Paid maintenance

  • Homepage (personal or business)Emergency system recovery in case of system problems
  • Domain maintenance and managementFixed simple text errors and typos
  • Repair of defective siteError correction of web program
  • The above information may be slightly different depending on the details of your maintenance request.
  • All maintenance contracts are available for 6 months or 1 year.

Free maintenance

  • Repair of defective site and simple design changeFixed simple text errors and typos
  • Emergency system recovery in case of system problemsSimple image replacement
  • Error correction of web programpopup window or event page 1 page

ON-line Service

Contact us


  • Address : 1050 West Lakes Drive, West Covina, California, 91790 USA
  • TEL : 1-213-999-1691
  • Korea

    • Address : 401 ILJIN Building 27, Jeongseojin 5-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, 22850 Rep. of KOREA
    • TEL : 1-213-999-1691
    • HP : +82-10-5356-6589
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Collection and use of personal information

At the time of inquiry, we collect your personal information as below.

  1. 1.개Personal information collection scope: name, contact, email
  2. 2.Purpose of collection and use of personal information: confirmation of inquiry and consultation materials
  3. 3.Collection and Retention of Personal Information: The personal information of the user is, in principle, If the purpose of collection and use is achieved, it shall be destroyed without delay and the period of retention shall not exceed maximum one year.